Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Fort Collins

Dental implant treatment is an option to replace single or multiple missing teeth. Dental and medical histories are reviewed. 2D and 3D imaging maybe performed in addition to the clinical examination to determine bone quantity and quality. In some situations, bone grafting is necessary before or at the time of implant placement. Models of the teeth may assist in the fabrication of a surgical index to assist in the implant placement. 

The time frame for implant healing (integration) depends on the type of bone and location of the implant(s).

The restoration of the implant(s) with crown placement is done by the restorative or prosthetic dentist.

Oral hygiene care of the mouth is very important for implant success. Tooth brush, dental floss, and oral irrigator are used for home care. 

Regular follow-up check-ups and dental hygiene cleanings are recommended.